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Safe Ways to Exercise an Arthritic Dog

Arthritic Dog Walkng

Imagine your energetic, playful pup transforming into a reluctant walker, struggling to keep up with you on your daily walks.

Arthritis can be a painful and debilitating condition for dogs, causing discomfort and limiting their mobility.

But don’t worry, there are safe ways to help your furry friend stay active and relieve their joint pain. By incorporating low-impact activities like gentle walks, swimming, and range of motion exercises, you can provide much-needed relief without causing further strain.

Remember, it’s crucial to consult with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate exercise regimen for your arthritic dog. Together, you can find the perfect balance to keep your furry companion happy, healthy, and pain-free.

Warming Up First

Before you begin exercising your arthritic dog, it’s crucial to warm them up first. Warming up is essential to prepare their muscles and joints for the exercise that follows. It helps improve joint range of motion and reduces the discomfort caused by arthritis.

One way to warm up an arthritic dog is by taking them on a short, low-impact walk. This gentle activity helps loosen their muscles and increases blood flow to the joints.

Another option is to engage your dog in physical therapy exercises that focus on joint mobility. These exercises can help soothe your arthritic dog’s joints and improve their overall comfort.

Additionally, using a heating pad or providing access to a warm swimming pool can further aid in warming up their muscles and joints before exercise.

Slow Walks

When taking your arthritic dog for a walk, it’s important to go at a slow pace. Slow walks are a gentle form of exercise that can help your dog maintain a healthy weight and alleviate joint pain. By going at a slower speed, you reduce the stress on your dog’s joints, making the exercise more comfortable and manageable.

Additionally, slow walks can aid in weight loss, which is crucial for arthritic dogs as excess weight can worsen their symptoms. Walking at a slower pace allows your dog to move without causing excessive strain on their joints, helping them stay active while minimizing discomfort.


To help your arthritic dog safely exercise, incorporate swimming into their routine as a low-impact activity that can provide both physical and joint benefits.

Swimming is an excellent choice for dogs with arthritis because it allows them to move without putting stress on their joints. The buoyancy of the water helps reduce pain and inflammation, making it easier for your dog to stay active.

Swimming also helps in maintaining weight, which is crucial for older dogs with arthritis to prevent muscle wastage and further strain on their stiff joints. It’s important to include swimming as part of their overall exercise program to keep their joints healthy and reduce discomfort.

Gradual entry and exit points into the water should be provided to prevent any injuries or flare-ups.

Hydrotherapy dog pools are a excellent option for dogs with osteoarthritis.

Scent Games

To engage your arthritic dog in safe and enjoyable exercise, incorporate scent games into their routine. These games can be a great way to provide mental stimulation and physical activity for your dog with arthritis.

Since high-impact activities should be limited to reduce pain and strain on their joints, scent games offer a low-impact alternative that can help maintain their quality of life. Scent games utilize your dog’s sense of smell, allowing them to use their natural instincts and keep their mind active.

You can play hide and seek with treats or toys, or even use a wobble board to challenge their sense of balance. Remember to start slow and easy, always considering your dog’s condition and needs.

Wobble Board

To incorporate the wobble board into your arthritic dog’s exercise routine, start by consulting with a vet for guidance.

Using a wobble board can be beneficial for arthritic dogs as it helps strengthen their joints and muscles. This type of exercise is low impact and can improve joint stability and muscle strength without putting excessive strain on the joints.

The wobble board works by shifting the dog’s weight, which helps build supporting muscles. Engaging in activities with the wobble board can also help with weight loss, which is important for arthritic dogs to maintain a healthy weight and reduce pressure on their joints.

Exercising Safely

Ensure your arthritic dog exercises safely by following these guidelines.

When it comes to exercising safely, it’s important to avoid high-impact activities that can put excessive stress on your dog’s joints. Stick to low-impact exercises like walking and swimming, as these are gentle on the joints.

For smaller dogs, shorter, daily exercise sessions are recommended to prevent overexertion. Pay attention to your dog’s response during and after exercise, and adjust the routine accordingly if you notice any signs of pain or discomfort.

Additionally, be mindful of the weather conditions, especially in cold or wet weather, as this can affect your arthritic dog’s comfort.

Lastly, maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for reducing the strain on your dog’s joints, so consider adjusting their diet if necessary.


To keep your arthritic dog healthy and happy, stick to low-impact exercises like gentle walks and swimming. Remember to warm up before and cool down after each session to prevent injuries and reduce stiffness.

Avoid high-intensity activities that strain the joints, and consult with a veterinarian for guidance on the appropriate amount and type of exercise.

By following these safe practices, you can help your furry friend stay active and comfortable.

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