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Dantherm CDP Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Dantherm CDP Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Features

Low energy consumption and sound levels

Corrosion-resistant epoxy coated evaporator and condenser coils; durable powder coated metal cabinet

Integrated controls for heating, humidity, hygrostat and thermostat with demand-controlled defrost

Connectivity enabled via RS485, USB and 0-volt ports for communication, alarms and accessories

Automatic and adjustable humidity/temperature controls from 20-100% RH and 10°C-36°C operating range

Perfect for Professional and home use

About this product

Dantherm CDP swimming pool dehumidifiers are the ideal choice for humidity control in an indoor swimming pool. They have been developed to focus on quality, functionality and energy saving. The exclusive design means that Dantherm pool dehumidifiers blend in with any indoor pool interior.

The Dantherm CDP works in accordance with the condensation principle. A fan draws the humid air into the dehumidifier and through an evaporator coil. When passing through the evaporator the air is cooled down to below its dew point temperature, and its content of water vapour is condensed into water, which falls into the drip tray and then is led from the drip tray to a drain.

The cold, dry air is then passed over the condenser coil where it is re-heated, before leaving the unit at a temperature, which is approx. 5°C higher than at the inlet.

The Dantherm CDP dehumidifier can be mounted on the wall, through the wall or on an optional floor stand. When ordering the through wall version you will receive a wall duct kit that includes an inlet and outlet section, grills, inlet filter and extensions.

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